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Benefits Of An Oil Less Air Fryer

The benefits of an oil less air fryer are numerous. To get the quick picture, an oil-less air fryer can have up to 80% less fat than traditional cooking methods. I love fried food. It tastes amazing. The problem is all of those looming negatives.

An oil less air fryer will give you all the benefits of traditional grease frying minus the health concerns. Your food will be crispy on the outside and the inside will be soft. You will get some delicate browning. An oil less air fryer will make your food taste freshly fried.

That being said, it’s not a perfect imitation. But compared to the bountiful health benefits, the difference in taste is negligible. You don’t need oil to get that crispy deeply cooked effect.

The oil less air fryer allows you to cook roast chicken, french fries, baked goods, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, and did I mention french fries?

If you add just a tablespoon of healthy oil (I prefer olive), then the french fries and other fried delights come out divine.

In terms of healthiness, you’re pretty much eating the equivalent of baked potato fries, since there is no need for oil and grease with an oil-less air fryer.

No fat. None of the health perils of fried food.

Under The Hood Of The Oil Less Air Fryer

How do they work?

The quick answer: Really. Hot. Air.

Oil less air fryer, more or less, work by using pressure and heat. Fans are used and the design is built to ensure that hot air is pushed through a cycle that maximizes the heat energy’s distribution into your food. The oil less air fryer allows for much more heat than a traditional oven does.

This maximally efficient heat system allows your food to get crispy brown on the outside and juicy on the inside. The oil less air fryer will give you all the frying benefits with none of the negatives.

The air gets extremely hot (right under 400 degrees Fahrenheit usually). This air is circulated with pressure. This is what allows the oil less air fryer to cook you pastries and chips. It’s just rapidly circulated hot air.

You may be wondering if this is safe. Highly pressurized hot air doesn’t sound safe. A clever little contraption ensures the oil-less air fryer doesn’t get all too pressurized. A filtered exit draws some of the air uniformly out of the fryer at a safe rate. This air is filtered and then released back into the world it came from.

Grease fires can be dangerous. They certainly are added to the negatives column of the traditional frying methods pro’s and con’s list. The oil less air fryer has no such pressing safety concern, but it does wonderfully capture a large portion of the positives of the traditional method.

Which Oil Less Air Fryer is Right for you?

Maybe you just want to make some healthy french fries and chicken nuggets. Maybe you want to get creative and use your oil less air fryer to air fry an entire marvelous chicken. Maybe you’re completely on board with the air frying fad and won’t settle for anything less than a top quality oil less air fryer that Gordon Ramsay uses himself.

You’re likely one of those three people if you’re reading this article.

What air fryer should you get ? We’ll tell you what you need to know so you can make an informed decision on your own.

If you’re interested, we’ll group you into three different categories:

I Just Want Fries And Chicken Nuggets

If this is you, you just want healthy french fries and other simple fried delights. Don’t go overboard and spend all your money. You can get a good oil less fryer for a fraction of the cost of an extreme oil less fryer.

Don’t make an unnecessarily large investment on a top shelf oil-less air fryer that is much more than you need. If you are interested in air frying, but don’t plan on making more than a handful of fried treats, then stick to something simple, fast, and easy like the Ivation 1400 Watt Multifunction Electric Air Fryer.

You don’t want something that has too much. You want a simple and basic Air Fryer.

Now let’s say you want to stay in the lower price range, but are interested in air frying more than just fries and nuggets, what should you do?

I’m Unwilling To Spend A Great Amount, But I Still Want Options

So maybe you’re interested in an oil less air fryer, want to test out a host of recipes, but still aren’t willing to buy a top shelf product? There’s still an oil less air fryer for you. There are several cheaper models that try to be so much more than just an air fryer.

The Gourmia GTA2800 for instance, you can choose from 20 cooking presets .

There’s several of these “more than just an airfryer” air fryers. You can still cook the chicken nuggets and fries that everyone loves, but these larger pieces will allow you to do much more.

You want to buy a combo set air fryer if you are interested in trying an oil less air fryer out on a roast chicken, with baked goods, or other larger more complicated dishes. Now these fryers are in the sweet spot of cheap and versatile, so you can’t expect them to do more than give you the bare necessities.

If you have tried air frying, love air frying, and want the best air frying, consider the next category.

I Want The Creme Of The Crop

So you’ve tried using an oil less air fryer. You’re convinced. You’re amazed by the wonderful magic of using air to fry your food. You’ve evolved past the basic and cheap air fryer models.

This section would require a much larger conversation.

But we want you to know that there are top quality air fryers. It will cost you about 3 times more than the cheaper models, and it is a heavy investment. That being said; if you know what you want, and what you want is a top of the line air fryer, know that there is perfect product out there for you.

Maybe you want one with the highest heat transference potential. Maybe you want one that cooks the most even. Maybe you won’t settle for anything less than what Gordon Ramsay uses like the Philips Airfryer.


Air frying is simply better for you. Cook the same great foods, but do it an a healthier way.

Don’t settle for grease.

Get all of the benefits of traditional frying methods and avoid the negatives.

It’s all possible. Get yourself one today.